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daily iphone

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aziz ansari’s voice in the back of my head faintly telling me to treat myself is going to be my downfall

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ya girl is killin it in this new hair today tbh

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GWAR Announce New Frontwoman: Vulvatron


GWAR have announced a new frontwoman in place of David Brockie. Vulvatron is her name. Read a report from Wondering Sound below.

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GWAR’s Dave Brockie Given Viking Funeral
Gwar Frontman David Brockie Died Of Heroin Overdose 

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"Feminism is not about who opens the jar.

It is not about who pays for the date. It is not about who moves the couch. It is not about who kills the bugs. It is not about who cooks the dinner. It’s not even about who stays home with the kids, as long as the decision was made together, after thinking carefully about your situation and coming to an agreement that makes sense for your particular marriage and family.

It is about making sure that nobody ever has to do anything by “default” because of their gender. The stronger person should move the couch. The person who enjoys cooking more, has more time for it, and/or is better at it should do the cooking. Sometimes the stronger person is male, sometimes not. Sometimes the person who is best suited for cooking is female, sometimes not. You should do what works.

But it is also about letting people know that it is okay to change. If you’re a woman who wants to become stronger, that’s great. If you’re a man who wants to learn how to cook, that’s also great. You might start out with a relationship where the guy opens all the jars and the girl cooks all the meals, but you might find that you want to try something else. So try it."

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Pornography is not straight edge unless there is at least one Minor Threat poster on the wall of the bedroom where the coitus is taking place. 

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when you want to look cute but don’t want to be harassed by men #justgirlythings

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some dude started bothering my class when we were out shooting today so john told him to leave us alone and the guy started screaming at john and calling him a racist and pulling all of his electronics out of his bag and telling us about his various companies and we were all like ??????????


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Artifacts Discovered Buried In Washington D.C. Suggest Humans Once Passed Laws There

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people already camping out for the iphone 6: very into technology but apparently not enough to understand the concept of a preorder

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"After wrapping Guardians of the Galaxy I was very homesick and I was coming home to my wife and my son, who at the time was 13 months old. My wife told me ‘Hey, listen there’s a chance he may not recognize you and he may be a little shy’ and so I came in there, and he just sat right up and had this big smile on his face. He started saying ‘Daddy, daddy, daddy!’ and I just started to cry. He saw the tears in my eyes and started doing bits to make me laugh and that just made me cry more."

- Chris Pratt on the best day of his life.

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