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pisswaste i’m sleeping on your futon tonight :* :*

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first show at milhouse wooooo

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we’re having our first show at Milhouse tonight!!

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In order to maximize our donation buy this poster for only $6.99 and we will still donate $5 to our friends for @ShirtsforaCure

is it really truly such a hard concept that you can take pictures on your phone at a concert and still enjoy the music

i mean honestly

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Say Anything Tease ‘Is A Real Boy’ Ten Year Tour



Max Bemis is teasing a  Say Anything ten year tour of …Is A Real Boy following some rumors over the past few days. Check out a tweet from Bemis below after the jump.

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hi, this is squid. this lil guy showed up on my back porch a few weeks ago, covered in fleas but not too terrified. he camped out in a box for the night and then we got him cleaned up, de-flea’d, and fed. now he’s a healthy, playful, but relatively chill lil dude and I’d love to find him a nice home that is not mine because, while he is really cute and so far pretty well behaved, I really, really do not want to live with a cat, like, at all, ever again. I am even willing to drive him a reasonable distance if you are not in philadelphia.

please, if you know of anyone looking to adopt a cat in the area, let them know about squid. I have a feeling he’s a good one (or, as good as a cat can be)

philly followers!

i wish i could take this babe sooo bad but here philly friends 

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who is she

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this is truly the most pretentious post on this website, so all you nerds can stop trying because its been done. 

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Everything you love is here

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defense lawyer: sweetie(:

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and I would walk 500 dogs and I would walk 500 more

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when i didn’t know the ghost was nice i left him an offering of leftover snacks and a note asking him to please go to another dorm and my roommates got really high and ate the offering and i had a meltdown about it

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oh my god during the spring semester of my freshman year i had a crush on this guy and at the same time my room was haunted and i didn’t know the guy really he was just a friend of a friend?! and that friend called me one night and was like “i talked to him and he thinks you’re pretty” and i was like WHAT WHY DID YOU DO THAT and it turns out she didn’t mean the boy she mean my dorm ghost and she literally contacted my dorm ghost with a ouija board and the ghost said i was pretty

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